Maulds Meaburn Weather

    Weather Conditions at Maulds Meaburn, Nr Appleby, in the county of Westmorland


  19/02/19   10:51

(updated every 5 minutes 24 hours a day)

Station located at (approx)    54° 32' 18.25" N      -2° 34' 55.80" W        Elev.    602 Ft asl

A 'Standard' Climatological Observation site - using Met' Office supplied equipment supported with a Davis Vantage Pro2 - and reporting to the Met' Office via W.O.W.

All information on this site is free to use, but please acknowledge the source and if for research purposes an email would be appreciated.

Current Conditions -
Temperature  6.8 C Dew Point  4.9 C Humidity  88  %
Wind  SSW  (210) at   19.0 mph Beaufort   10-min. Wind 13.0 mph
Barometer 1014.1 mb Pressure trend Rising Slowly Wind Chill 2.9 C
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/hr Daily Rain 0.2 mm Storm Rain 1 6.2 mm
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Temp (time)
Highest gust (time)
Dew Point
Heat Index
Wind Chill
Rain Rate
6.9 C (10:04)
4.9 C ( 3:33)
25.0 mph ( 9:41)
1014.2 mb
1009.5 mb
5.6 C
3.3 C
92 %
86 %
6.7 C
1.7 C
0.2 mm
0.2 mm/hr
This Month
11.8 C
-8.0 C
53.0 mph
1030.1 mb
976.1 mb
9.4 C
-9.4 C
100 %
63 %
11.7 C
-10.0 C
80.4 mm
20.4 mm/hr
This Year
11.8 C
53.0 mph
1046.6 mb
976.1 mb
9.4 C
-9.4 C
11.7 C
-10.0 C
121.2 mm
20.4 mm/hr

  1 - As used here, a "storm" begins when 5mm of rain has fallen in a 24-hour period, and continues until 24 hours pass without 5mm of rain.

  During snowfall events AWS rainfall readings will be effected by the timing of when the snow melts.

0900 - 0900 GMT Daily Standard Observations

Min' Temp
Max' Temp
Dry Bulb
Wet Bulb
Soil @ 1 ft
Soil @ 1 Meter
Grass Temp
18th Feb
3.3 mm
78.5 mm
Good (7)


   Yesterday (17th)   - sunny very first thing, clouding over before sunny intervals in the afternoon.

           Today (18th)   - a little rain overnight with drizzle to start the day. Windy.

           Mean Temp        1st-10th      2.77°c                    11th-20th     6.36°c                   21st-28th     -.--°c                           Current Mean     4.31°c                Average for February is:    3.45°c


Monthly Weather Summary

JANUARY  -   a notably dry month and slightly colder than average - high pressure dominated for the first half of the month, during which time there was very little rain and with tempeartures close to average. Less settled during the second half, with a few wetter days, but nothing out of the ordinary. Turned wintry for the final few days of the month and much colder with severe frosts. Much of the month was uneventful often dull.

The second driest of twelve recorded - MSLP was +5.5 Mb above average, rainfall 26.3% of the average for 2008-18 and the temp' was 0.4°c below average (2009-18).

Rainfall totalled 39.9 mm   (CR school 43.9 mm)  -  Mean Min' of 0.03°c  -  Mean Max' 5.65°c  -  with a highest maximum of 11.0°c (7th) and a lowest minimum of -8.1°c (31st).

There was 14 air frosts and 20 ground frosts. Snow fell on 5 days, was laying on the ground on 3 days and fog was recorded on two days - with 11.7 mm the 26th was the wettest day.


Summary   - is now updated with January's weather report.


A summary and detail of the weather for 2018 can be read here   REVIEW OF 2018   and other summaries/articles are also available such as this: But it's meant to be Summer (Summer 2017)  


Local Historical Weather

Morland - rainfall in February 1919 was 19.1 mm and between 1902-44 the average for the month was 75.8 mm

Orton - between 1967-2018 the average rainfall for February is 138.5 mm - the driest being 9.9 mm (1986) and the wettest 490.8 mm (1997)

Appleby - average rainfall for February for the period 1856-2018 is 66.4 mm - the driest decade was the 1980's (49.7 mm), the wettest, 1990's (99.2 mm)

Maulds Meaburn - In 3 of the last 4 years (2015-16 and 2018) February has been the year's coldest month, but in my 10yrs of records it has only been the coldest month those same 3 times - at Newton Rigg back to 1900, the top 13 coldest months contain 7 Februaries!. At least it is a relatively dry month.  -   The mean temperature has ranged from 1.32°c (2010) to 5.17°c (2017).

Averages 88.4 mm of rain    -    A mean temp of 3.45°c    -    Air Frost on 11.1 days    -    Ground Frost on 18.7 days    -    Snow Laying on 2.5 days    -    an inch of rain on 0.4 days


  Mr. W. Hoggarth of Shap (Copy Hill) sent the following entry to the 'British Rainfall Guides' regarding the February of 1880:-

  'A very wet and stormy month'

          He made the following comments about particular days of the month:  

18th   'Gale all day with 1.01 inch of rain.'   19th 'Gale all day with 2.37 inch of rain.'.


'HISTORICAL EVENTS' (above) is a start in recording historical weather in our immediate locality  -  now includes the flood report: Summary and Analysis

The 'Historical Events' page now has a section on the history of flooding in Appleby - and now includes a full summary and analysis as that which was featured in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald.


Weather Lore - February

"February makes a bridge and March breaks it."

"When down the chimney falls the soot, mud will soon be underfoot."

"Clear moon, frost soon."


Sunrise:  7:24        Sunset: 17:26

Moon Phase: Full Moon




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Forecast:  Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 hours


Four Day Weather Forecast and current Synoptic and Rainfall charts     




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