Monthly Summary - August 2012

A summary of of this summer's weather can be read here SUMMER 2012   

   With a mean temperature of 14.56°c August was actually warmer than average and the warmest of any month since July 2010 (14.61°c). However, apart from one brief glimpse of summer like conditions, August, just like the other summer months, was very wet (143.5 mm) and miserable with a virtual conveyer belt of cyclonic weather.

   The first half of the month especially was warm and humid and the thermometer was frequently above 20°c, but apart from the 8-12th, night time minima were high, making the nights a little uncomfortable.

   It as brought to an end a miserable summer that is the wettest on local record and which has seen all three months record in excess of 100 mm of rain (a record in itself) and even the years' warmest day has fallen outside of the summer months.

   Making comparisons with the Met' office site at Newton Rigg (Penrith) from 1961, using the averages for the standard period 1971-2000 (mean temperature of 14.5°c and 69.6 mm of rain), 18 Augusts' have been warmer and 33 have been colder. In the same period only one August (2004) has been wetter.


   1st - 7th    This period saw a deep area of low pressure (LP) sat to the west of Eire and which had a series of fronts circulating around it and thus ensured that it remained unsettled. The 4-5th saw some brief but heavy thundery showers, with 10.3 mm of rain falling on the 4th.

   The general theme was one of showers interspersed with cloudy but bright conditions and the 1st-4th saw day-time temperatures at a reasonable 19-20°c, if a little muggy. The LP was slow moving, but from the 6th high pressure (HP) was beginning to build from the south.


   8th - 12th    This was a dry and settled period as HP built and became established over the UK. The improvement had begun on the 7th and through to the 9th the temperature rose to respectable levels, but cloud was still a big feature and the days were pleasant with sunny intervals as opposed to hot, lazy summer days.

   By far the best day of the period was the 10th which was both clear and sunny and a true summer's day with the temperature rising to a month high of 23.8°c (74.8°f). A run of five dry days (7-11th) was also the 'longest dry spell of the summer'!!!

   The 11-12th saw cloudier conditions and with a noticeable easterly breeze as the HP began to migrate north east as LP once again took charge.


   13th - 22nd    LP became established to the west of Eire through this period and became virtually static as it was partly blocked by HP over the continent. This LP brought yet more unsettled conditions and also drew up warm and humid air from the south, which kept both day and night temperatures above average, but uncomfortably so.

   The first few days in this period were cloudy and close and the first belt of rain arrived mid afternoon on the 15th as that LP began to push weather fronts north, bringing 9.0 mm of rain. The 16th saw a mix of sun and showers, but the 17th (with 19.2 mm credited back to the 16th) was fairly awful with rain that was heavy at times and lasted all day and amassed another 17.8 mm.

   The temperature during this period held up though and which saw nine successive days (8-16th) all above the 20°c mark with the rest of the period seeing a mix of cloud, drizzle, showers and a few brighter interludes.


   23rd - 24th    Was a brief transitory period which saw cloudy conditions with a few showers ahead of the next Atlantic weather systems.


   25th - 27th Bank Holiday    The holiday weekend got of to the worst possible start as the 25th (Saturday) was the month's wettest day with 29.3 mm. That rain arrived at mid-day and was very heavy at times as LP was centred over the UK with a spiral occluded front wrapped round it. This LP moved away into the 26th with a weak ridge of HP settling the weather, slightly!

   Then the 27th (Monday) saw the HP collapse to the continent and a new deep LP system arrived with a trailing cold front that brought another 15.3 mm of rain that commenced mid morning.


   28th - 29th    Behind the cold front of the 27th, the 28th was a fresher day that was actually sunny, but with a notable SW'ly breeze, but LP returned to the west of Eire 29th bringing showers and a belt of rain overnight into the 30th.


   30th -31st    Had a ridge of HP push north from the Azores, but which had a cool NW'ly airflow over its top edge. Days were cool with the 30th the month's coldest day at just 14.1°c (57.4°f). It was also calmer and the night of the 30/31st was the month's coldest and particularly chilly at just 1.1°c ( 34°f) and somewhat fittingly saw summer end with a ground frost of -1.9°c, the earliest day in the season at this site to record such.


   Rainfall totalled 143.5 mm for the month, with rain recorded on 22 days of which 16 were 'Wet days' (1.0mm +).

   The Mean Temperature for the month was 14.56°c      --      The Mean Max' was   18.78°c     --      The Mean Min'   10.34°c.

   We had 0 Air Frosts in the month (year 39)      --      Grass frosts totalled 1 (year 88).

   The 1 foot soil temp ranged from a low of 14.4°c on the 31st      to      a high of 16.9°c on the 15th     --      with a monthly mean of 16.0°c

   The 1 meter soil temp ranged from a low of 13.5°c on the 2nd-6th      to      a high of 14.4°c on the 26th      --     with a monthly mean of 13.9°c




   * August 2012 rainfall was 150.2% of the August average for 2007 - 2011

   * August 2012 was 1.18°c warmer than August 2011      --      1.04°c warmer August 2010      --      0.19°c colder than 2009

  * The 3 month mean for June/July/August 2012 is                   TEMP'     13.38°c         --          RAIN    402.4 mm

* June/July/August 2011 was TEMP'     13.17°c -- RAIN    244.1 mm

* June/July/August 2010 was TEMP'     13.97°c -- RAIN    199.8 mm

* June/July/August 2009 was TEMP'     14.34°c -- RAIN    349.6 mm

* June/July/August 2008 was TEMP'     -- RAIN    325.2 mm

* June/July/August 2007 was TEMP'     -- RAIN    355.7 mm


* 2012 To date TEMP'     8.97°c -- RAIN    744.8 mm

* 2011 Jan - Aug TEMP'     9.20°c -- RAIN    777.6 mm

* 2010 Jan - Aug TEMP'     8.26°c -- RAIN    373.2 mm

* 2009 Jan - Aug TEMP'     9.44°c -- RAIN    760.3 mm

* 2008 Jan - Aug TEMP'     -- RAIN    861.7 mm


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