Monthly Summary - June 2010

   With above average temperatures and the dry spell continuing, June, being the first month of summer, has ensured that this summer is off to a fine start.

   June remained anticyclonic, with high pressure still in the ascendency, especially in the second half of the month. Our only real taste of cyclonic weather was a spell from the 6-10th along with the 1st and overnight 28-29th.

   With just 33.0 mm (1.3 inch) of rain the continuing feature is still the lack of rain. Compared to the average for 2008-09 we have had just 38.5% of rain so far this year.

   And whilst the month was warm and above average temperature wise, we somehow did not manage to record anything above 25°c. However, this is possibly no bad thing as the days were quite tolerable and pleasantly warm as opposed to the stifling humidity we can have to endure in summer.

   The month started cold and wet with the 1st seeing 6.0 mm of rain as low pressure in the mid atlantic pushed frontal troughs East over the UK. But from the 2nd an area of high pressure began to build from the SW and a ridge extended North across the UK. This controlled our weather until the 6th and it was dry, sunny and warm. The 3rd-5th were all over 20°c with the 3rd peaking at 24.3°c (75.74°F).

   The high pressure had been slipping away North and from the 6th we had a run of rainy days. The 6th saw another 5.8 mm as a rain bearing front associated to unstable warm conditions from low pressure over Germany swept North and then trailed West our way.

   From the 7th it was the turn of low pressure (1000) sitting west of Eire to control our weather. The rainfall was fairly light in comparison, but the days were dull and the temperatures suffered, the months coldest day of 13.1°c (55.58°F) coming on the 9th. An easterly wind had been introduced, reverting to a northerly from the 10th and whilst it brightened up, the days were not too warm.

   The 13th brought another 4.6 mm but gradually high pressure (1033) (Azores high) began to build in the Atlantic and migrated NE, our way. This was a significantly large area of high pressure and our weather became settled, dry, sunny and warm. The 17th bringing the months warmest day at 24.6°c (76.28°F).

   For the period 14-27th rain only fell on the 24th (0.8 mm) and this was in the early hours.

   The 11-20th did see a run of slightly colder nights as clear skies allowed for any stored heat to be lost. The 20th was the months coldest night at 2.1°c, with a ground temperaure of 0.4°c.

   But in this period the mean max' temperature had increased on that of the 1st-10th and it was to increase further, to 20.6°c in the last 10 days of the month.

   A subtle change occurred 19-20th as the high pressure slipped slightly West, which with low pressure over Scandanavia, introduced a northerly air flow. Whilst mainly affecting the NE of the UK it kept us mainly sunny and still pleasantly warm at or about 20c and it felt comfortably warm.

   On the 27th the high pressure slipped into Europe and low pressure in the Atlantic began to move east. The 27th was still sunny and dry, as was the 28th until the rain arrived at tea-time. Rain overnight into the 29th totalling 8.8 mm whilst welcome was probably not enough for the gardeners.

   The sun returned during the afternoon of the 29th and the month also ended on a dry and warm note

   The effects of the lack of rain are now beginning to become evident. The river Lyvennet that rises on Crosby Ravensworth fell (on the coast to coast) and runs through Crosby (a mile south of Meaburn) then Maulds Meaburn as now run dry. This is as far down as 400yds north off Holme bridge in Crosby. Beyond this there is limited flow increasing slightly the further north you go.

   At various sites in Cumbria and Lancashire June is been reported has the warmest since 1992 and driest since 1996.

   The Mean Temperature for the month was 13.79°c+     - the Mean Max' was 19.05°c and the Mean Min' 8.54°c.

   We had 0 Air Frosts in the month (59 for 2010) and Grass frosts totalled 0 (93 for 2010).


   * June 10 rainfall was 35.82% of the average for 07-09

   * June 10 was 0.36°c warmer than June 2009 +

   * June saw 10 rain days of which 8 were wet days.

  * The 3 month mean for April/May/June 2010 is               TEMP'    10.33°c          -          RAIN     65.8 mm

* April/May/June 2009 was TEMP'    10.85°c - RAIN    151.2 mm

* April/May/June 2008 was TEMP'    - RAIN    170.4 mm


* 2010 TO DATE TEMP'    6.28°c - RAIN    206.4 mm

* 2009 Jan - June TEMP'    7.61°c - RAIN    450.5 mm

* 2008 Jan - June TEMP'    - RAIN    621.1 mm

   + Met office figures for June show that NW England/N. Wales had a mean temp' of 14.1°c, some +1.5°c warmer than the reference period 1971-2000 (+1.4°c warmer than reference period 1961-90)


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